With over 20 years of tattooing experience, Attractive Tattoo assures that you will leave their studio with an amazing tattoo, and come back soon for your next one. Browse through their amazing library of artwork and if you don't find something you love, Attractive Tattoos artist will create a custom tattoo that is designed to fit the contours of your body. We specialize in covering old tattoos with something you'll love and be proud of. We guarantee that every person that steps through our door is treated with the same level of respect and care in a safe, clean, and pleasant environment that we are exceptionally proud of. So come in, and we'll create and ink the perfect tattoo for you.




It is important to take our time when piercing an individual. Everyone's body is different and when piercing an individual we take that into consideration to ensure that the piercing is done with care and precision to make sure the piercing is balanced and straight. Our piercers are fully licensed and each piercing is done with new needles in a clean environment. We offer a full line of body jewelry that we will switch out for you once your piercing is fully healed.